Mobile App Development & Support

A recent study shows that nearly 4.60 billion people use mobiles in 2014 which is expected to reach by 5.13 billion users globally by 2017, out of which nearly 35% surf the Internet on their mobile devices regularly and thousands more are getting added every day.

Today many consumer driven businesses and corporate establishments are dependent on online marketing and websites to sell their products and services. This has primarily been driving the demand for mobile application and mobile websites.

UBICS IT Division offers vast experience in mobile app development through our diversified team and experts in iOS, Android, Windows and cross-platform applications. UBICS mobility services help clients to benefit from solutions being developed for their industry as well as other verticals.

UBICS has proven expertise to deliver robust, enterprise mobile solutions across various platforms and domains.

Mobile application

Teams are specialist in native mobile application development for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows platforms.

Our teams are highly expertise in Hybrid mobile application development for different cross platform mobile frameworks like - Phonegap, Sencha Touch, Appcelerator and uses the technologies like-HTML5,CSS3, JavaScript, Angular JS,and jQuery.

Customized training programs for Android and iOS application development.

Experience providing mobility services to clients across a wide spectrum of industries that rely on mobile applications.

Mobile Web

We help you make your website compatible to all mobile devices and tablets by adopting stringent design and developments processes.

We develop and design a customized mobile-compatible website so that your customers can have improved accessibility to your website on all mobile devices, we ensure to separate structure and presentation. We make use the design using custom CSS that gives maximum compatibility and ensures an improved layout for the mobile website. We always take into consideration into mind that mobile devices vary in their screen sizes. We make sure that the new websites are built to be responsive so that your website is viewable on any mobile devices at any screen size.

Customized Application Developmemt & Support

UBICS IT Projects Division offers flexible outsourcing alternatives from turn-key, fixed-price projects to consulting projects on a time and material basis. Depending upon the customer needs and the nature of the project, it may be executed with a combination of on-site resources at customer location, resources located at UBICS Development Center in Pittsburgh, PA and/or off-shore resources located at UBICS Development Center in Bengaluru, India, to arrive at the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

We follow a proven proprietary methodology for project execution that is based on a blend of “waterfall” methodology with key principles of Joint Application Development(JAD), Rapid Application Development(RAD) and Agile Methodology. We combine methodology and the technology to assure high quality delivery, within budget and on time, every time.

UBICS Onsite/Off-shore Solutions Management(OSM) service offers strong competitive advantages by providing high quality outsourcing alternatives in a cost effective way. The OSM concept allows the solution to work as if providing a virtual extension to the customer’s IT organization. The OSM service can bring costs of outsourcing down substantially compared to doing it internally and/or using other outsourcing alternatives. OSM can also reduce time-to-completion by taking advantage of “follow-the-sun” work day schedules across the globe.

Our expertise on application development areas are:

Web Application Development

Enterprise Application Integration

eCommerce Application

Cloud Application Development and Hosting

Software Migration

Mobile Application Development

Our technical expertise are:

MS .Net

Java, J2EE

Open Source technology PHP using Symfony, Drupal frame works

Mobile technology (Android, iOS)

Windows 8

UBICS IT Projects Division also offers support and maintenance services of applications software developed as well third party applications on bug fixes, enhancements, porting and migrations.

Software Maintenance Services offered are:

Application Management

Performance Management

Application Migration

Data Migration

Government IT Services

UBICS Initiatives in E-Governance

UBICS Enterprise Solutions Pvt. Ltd has been empanelled by Government of India (NIC/NICSI) for implementation of E-governance and with our vast experience since 2002 in government domain we had been working towards the goal.

We utilize our experience in large scale e-governance projects and bring value to our customers with our domain experience and blend of management and technical expertise. Our solutions help governments and public sector enterprises mange multiple levels of processing, file multiplication, and documents to arrive at processes that are quick, transparent and accountable.

E-Governance helps in integrating and simplifying government services, reducing the time citizens and businesses spend obtaining/submitting information from/to the government, increasing government transparency by cutting down corruption, improving government finances through enhanced revenue collection and cost reduction, and improving the business environment in the country for private sector development and to enhance foreign direct investment.

E-Governance is a tool for achieving good governance and is not an end in itself. In good governance, public processes and institutions produce results that meet the needs of society while making the best use of resources at their disposal. It also requires that the institutions and processes try to serve all stakeholders within a reasonable timeframe. To be more specific, e-Governance is what helps the government achieve this goal. It allows citizens to communicate with the government, participate in the government's policy-making and reflect their true needs.

In simple terms Electronic Governance can be defined as giving citizens the choice of when and where they access government information and services. While e-Governance entails the processes used to provide services to the public, e-Government is the tool to accomplish e-Governance.

There are three aspects to the e-Governance

IT enabling the government functions - something similar to back-office automation,

Web-enabling the government functions so that the citizens will have a direct access, and

Improving Government processes so that openness, accountability, accuracy, speed of operations, effectiveness and efficiency may be achieved.

Typically, this would mean web-enabled applications, but e-Governance would also cater to automated applications for the government sector, which helps in achieving SMART governance which some define as:



Accountable / Accurate

Responsive and

Transparent Governance

According to one school of thought, e-Governance is not just about government web site and e-mail. It is not just about service delivery over the Internet. It is not just about digital access to government information or electronic payments. It will change how citizens relate to governments as much as it changes how citizens relate to each other. It will bring forth, new concepts of citizenship, both in terms of needs and responsibilities.

As you will be aware that Indian Government web space comprises of more than 7000 websites. These websites belong to various Central and State Government Ministries/ Departments/ Organizations/ Commissions/ Welfare Schemes etc.

Standards have long been part of the Internet and World Wide Web; however, as these websites have been developed over a period of decades, the enforcement of compliance to standards has not been uniform. With an increase in the number of mobile devices and lot more browsers, markup-related standards have become more important. Additionally, accessibility has been another driving force to add the compelling need of redesign and development of the websites in Government space.

National Informatics Centre has developed these Guidelines as an initiative under the National Portal of India Project. Development of these guidelines involved an extensive consultation process involving representatives from National Informatics Centre and various other Indian Government Departments, at the Centre and State levels. Established and recognised Guidelines of other countries as well as International bodies like ISO and W3C have also been referred to, while drafting these guidelines.

IT Staffing & Recruitment

IT staffing and recruitment is a specialized area and what gives, us an edge in this area is our knowledge of the changing dynamics of IT staffing. With our extensive network and recruitment procedure we see to it that our clients not only get their temporary IT staffing and recruitment needs fulfilled but also benefit from long-term solutions. At a time when job-shopping and job-hopping have become nightmares for IT companies, we strive to build long-term relationships between the employees and staffers.

We provide IT staffing solutions to clients with short term requirements as well as clients having long-term vacancies. This includes solutions for projects, contract-based vacancies as well as permanent jobs.

Our highly tenured team is able to present short-listed candidates within 24-48 hours for most positions. As an example of our high standards for candidate quality, we maintain retention rates of 98% while offering our best clients 85% fill rates on exclusive opportunities Irrespective of which our client is, our staffing services are driven by a carefully devised process that takes into account various factors.

Global recruitment with local delivery

Proprietary "CPT" (Communication, Presentation, Technical) candidate screening process

Prompt turnaround time

Flexible delivery model

No Risk Performance guarantee

Project Management

UBICS has a staff of resources you need to plan, develop, implement and manage even the most complex IT projects. We help you deploy the right talent and skill sets and optimize your mix of internal staff, outside consultants and project outsourcing. We offer:

PMP-Certified Consultants

Rational Unified Process

Project Cycle Management

Facilitation Services

Technical Communication and Support

Six Sigma

Organizational Change Management


We provide Cisco-certified networking and support around the application infrastructure to help you meet your service performance targets. Such services include server maintenance and backup/recovery.

Specialized Application Development Skills

We offer expert knowledge base in SDLC (software development life cycle) allowing UBICS to provide "special skills" to our clients including: MS technologies (.NET), Sun/Java,Oracle DB/Oracle Applications, SAP, BI/Datawarehousing.

Quality Assurance

We are your liaison between the business team and the IT team to guarantee smooth and timely delivery of software products or updates. At UBICS, we believe Quality Assurance means that a product or service is suitable for its intended purposes and provide customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding expectations.

Business Analysis

Our BA's lead the business users, IT project teams, and external partners to drive decision making and define requirements for application development, ensuring that business needs are being met. We provide IT support from "requirements gathering" through "testing".

Application Products


Ventive aims at empowering your hiring managers and recruiting staff with the right processes, technology and information they need to attract and retain talented employees.

Ventive solution offers valuable enterprise-wide benefits to our clients - with geographically distributed teams in - Enterprise wide Workflow Automation for Recruiting and Resourcing processes with real time information delivery for team collaboration and effective decision making for team communication, employee education and on-demand corporate training.

It’s a web based product and the benefits are overwhelming for Global companies having geographically distributed workforce. The product is modular and companies can start with the modules they need most.

Ventive provides the following features

Talent acquisition and Tracking

Expedite strategic decision making

Potential employee relationship management

Resume management

Workflow optimization

Reporting analytics

Ventive help organizations to define, implement, and monitor the enterprise wide talent acquisition processes.

Airline IT Services

UBICS is a premier global provider of airline IT services for the aviation sector. We have designed our solutions to meet major needs of any airline, regardless of its size or the market in which it operates.

UBICS offers solutions to various business functions in any airline. This includes sales, revenue accounts, revenue optimization, operations & research, MIS, CRM, service quality, and workflow systems, chartered flights management etc.

We have ample experience in development of products for full services carriers as well as low cost carriers.

We deliver airline IT solutions and services with domain proficiency.

Our differentiators include:

Intelligent integration

As we have acquired a commendable domain knowledge for the aviation sector, we strive to provide integration of best practices and sharing of knowledge and experience with existing and prospective clients.

We integrate operative systems with new and enhanced versions to edge-upon the existing applications.

Seamlessly compatible end-to-end solutions

Unlike other airline solution providers, we offer end-to-end solutions for various operational facets of aviation industry, all through the single podium, with seamless compatibility to the existing solutions.

We help our client's right from idea generation - conceptualization – till the execution!

Airline domain knowledge

We are a company that primarily focuses its development efforts to develop an expertise in the domain to utmost of echelon.

UBICS has been pioneered by people from the aviation industry and continues to have its ties with airline domain experts.

We cater to clients from airline industry with our first-rate and cost-effective IT service and IT solutions.