Client Endorsements

Oxshott Collection USA, found UBICS by accident at a point when we had missed quite a few deadlines and objective targets with our previous vendor. Needless to say, we dragged our feet while evaluating whether we should switch over or stay with our existing vendor, but I am sure glad we finally made the switch to UBICS. UBICS has impressed us with their team work and professionalism. They had a solution for all our needs. Even after delivering the web site that they had promised us, behind the scene they have tweaked the code and made enhancements, keeping in mind our wish list for the next version of the site
Oxshott Collection USA, Imtiaz Sayed

We found UBICS development and support teams extremely responsive in understanding and implementing our needs. We are impressed with UBICS ability to make quick enhancements and customizations to meet our unique needs.
e-Governance, Govt. of India.

They clearly have an extraordinary talent pool to draw from, and their project management style is very effective.They really take ownership of their work, which is definitely reflected in its quality.
CTO, Premium Airline, MENA