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Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM), Nagpur, India

Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) was set up in 1948 and functioned purely as an advisory body. It helped government in framing various rules for Mines & Minerals (Regulation & Development) Act, 1948, Mineral Concession Rules, 1949 and Petroleum Concession Rules, 1949.

IBM handles a large number of monthly and annual returns from their registered Mine owners throughout the year. IBM wanted a solution to streamline the processes effectively, in order to facilitate and monitor mine owners activities, and provide real time information seamlessly.

UBICS provided an integrated Web based online application solution for submitting the monthly and annual returns, based on “Monthly and Annual Returns under Rule 45 Of MCDR 1988”. The online application allows registered mine owners to file online submission of monthly and annual returns to IBM by Mine owners/ agent / engineer / manager or any person or company engaged in trading or storage or end-use or export of minerals mined in the country.